Holiday Camps - Course Descriptions

Robotics 101

    Robotics 101 is designed to teach kids the basics of robotics. This course will look at the robots with sensor attached and different challenges that can be achieved, such as escaping areas, building a simple remote control robot, played tug-of-war and completing an obstacle course. By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of basic sensors and robotics concepts. (see more)

Robotic Sumo

    This short, one day course is a beginner course aimed at getting students up to speed with the terminology, software and hardware involved in robotics. The students are introduced to the MINDSTORMS NXT-G software, shown how to design and construct strong and stable robots through the challenge of building a sumo robot to compete in the competition at the end of the day.(see more)

Need 4 Speed

    This holiday course is about pulling together all the movements, timing control, programming techniques, use of sensors and problem solving strategies which have been learnt in earlier levels to enable your robot to become an autonomous car to successfully navigate a road tracks. The kids will build a race car will be able to race other cars around the raceway track, and avoid crashes, adhere to road rules when road track.(see more)

Build a Printer

    This holiday course is a one day course offering a complex build process to build a LEGO Mindstorms printer which can draw objects or letters as programmed by the student. (see more)

Mad Machines

    This holiday course is a lot of fun - building mad machines like insects that squeal in the dark.(see more)

Jungle Fun

    This holiday course is all about building an Elephant which can walk, pick up objects with its trunk and make plenty of noises! Students continue to develop programming skills using the ev3 software, and this more complex build will provide a good building challenge. (see more)

Lego Mega Build

    This holiday course is about having fun and building lots of LEGO kits with different themes each day. Students will be encouraged to work in small teams and individually to create something unique. (see more)

Robotic Soccer 101

    This holiday course is about learning the very first basics of building a Soccer Robot that can compete in Robocup Junior Soccer Division. Build a robot that can see a soccer ball and kick it into the goals. Each team will play simple soccer against each other. Don't underestimate how difficult it is to ensure that you are NOT kicking an own goal! This course has a significant amount of PROGRAMMING involved. (see more)

Race 2 Rescue

    This holiday course is about a Search and Rescue Robotics challenge - where each team is required to build and program a robot that can overcome multiple obstacles to rescue a human from a chemical spill. The course will include several rounds of rescue competition, each with additional challenges required to complete the task. Obstacles are designed such than they can be overcome/solved by either clever programming OR clever engineering. (see more)

Arduino 101

    This holiday course is about learning the very first basics of working with Arduino. (see more)